Hey there, new stampers! Or new”er” stampers. I’m guessing if you clicked on this post, you’re one who’d like some tips to make stamping complex scenes easier, right? Well let’s hope I can get you to try some scenes with lots of stamps!

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Over on MFT’s channel you’ll see the coloring – but let’s get right to the stamping here first, ok?

Setting up a card using the little masked pieces is super helpful – you can move them around like little paper dolls, until you’re happy with them! The Eclipse tape is a really easy way to accomplish it. After you use the masks, don’t toss them – tuck them into your stamp storage! (I use the Ellen Hutson envelopes – they come in Large , Medium , Small , and X-Small.)

The coloring of this card:

More help…

I mentioned you might want to see what different pen widths look like – I’d recommend for thicker lined stamps, a .5 would be most helpful, for thinner ones maybe a .3…..but as you see I bought a full set so I could play with a lot more widths! Click to see the video.


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A few favorites for different mediums: