Sometimes we get “stuck” with creating the same designs over and over -this is a quick hack to try the next time you sit down to stamp…and automatically create a “story” without having to make a scene!

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Stamping off-center is a way to add a little imagination into the viewer’s mind – let them wonder where the characters walked in from, or where they’re going. Let their imagination make up what they can’t see! No matter what medium you color with, it really helps for the focal point to stay outside the “center” of a design.

Imagine the paper in front of you being broken into 9 blocks; keep the focus in anything but the center one!

The bunnies from Happy Day are colored with Tombow markers – my little set at Ellen Hutson’s. The rabbits are off to the right – with the focus on just the one big bunny and one little – making the sentiment even more intimate.

The Copic card has the bear from Happy Day and I combined it with the kitty (stamped twice) from Pond Pampering – a nice little combo. Stamping off the bottom meant the kitty’s ground from the stamp set didn’t have to be dealt with – just a little post it on the left and right to help just stamp the kitten.

Last but not least – Pond Pampering also has a cute little napping duck (Can that be ME right now please??) soaking up the sun. Attaching the stamp to the left side of the card also creates that little story – where is this? Is this duck floating at the edge of the reeds or in a field? The viewer can figure it out on their own, engaging them, knowing or not, in the art.


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