Welcome to my little stop on the Colorado Craft Company bloghop! 

I’m embarking on my usual winter sabbatical – taking off til the end of the year from big tutorials. But I do have a little “short” to show you, as well as step by step photos for one of my two cards. AND a video from earlier this year showing the technique too. Let’s get to it, shall we?

The full release is available now- and if you use my link, you qualify to win the full release of either Anita Jeram or Kris Lauren (I’m only showing you two sets here, be sure to view the rest of the hop or just TAP TO GO SHOPPING while there’s still stamps in stock!

YT Short: Stamping and gouache

My video today is a SHORT which means it’s under a minute long. YT won’t let me embed a short so tap the link below and see it on YouTube.

Countdown to Christmas

If you found  that short quick and helpful,  be sure to subscribe to my YT! Tap the BELL beside the button and click ALL so it notifies you when I have a new upload. As my COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS I’m going to try to post a little short every day!


The steps on the penguin card

In a stamping platform like a MISTI, stamp the image, and paint your design in gouache. This is an opaque paint, so it’ll cover the lines. But don’t worry, you can stamp over it once it’s dry! (You can try this with acrylic but gouache dries flatter and faster.)

Then paint the figures in whatever stamp you’re using. You might go past the lines, so just stamp it again when done, easy peasy! To finish mine off, I drew in a squiggly line and painted on lights – and used the same colors for some lights in the sky too.

The pup card

I used the same process for this one but didn’t take photos….I painted it to look like my Vienna!

BONUS: full stamping & gouache tutorial

Here’s a long form video that shows the same technique but with a different CCC release. 

Comment Q: which of these two is your favorite?

LMK in a comment – because you know you need to leave one to qualify to win a prize! Three ways to win:

  1. CCC will give away one free clear stamp t0 a commenter on my blog! They’ll choose these randomly and contact the winner.
  2. If you use MY affiliate link to make a purchase you will be entered to win the entire new release from one of the two artists. (Winner’s choice!)

Comment up until Midnight (ET) DEC 3rd.. CCC will announce the winners DEC 5th on their blog.


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Good luck!


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  1. Kathy Leitch

    Very cute cards! The penguins would be adorable with a sky of northern lights!

  2. Karen Day

    I’m afraid that it’s too close to call! Gorgeous cards, Sandy – thanks for the tutorial, too.

  3. Jeanne Rice

    As always, gorgeous cards. My favorite is the Furry Christmas card⛄️

  4. Sue D

    Cute scenes–love the colors. My favorite is the penguin card.

  5. Ms. Tamp

    Great scenes created. Nice look at the layers to color.

  6. Chris Courtney

    Beautiful cards and so creative. I’ve never used gouache before but I like the results. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Karen Johnston

    I always love to see what you do with your coloring! I love all the dog stamps and tutorials!

  8. Dee Earnshaw

    beautiful work – love the technique of re stamping to make the lines bolder

  9. Helen F

    Your cards are amazing Sandy. As always I love watching your create your magic with these great new release goodies from CC. Thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration and how to. Merry Christmas! 🙂

  10. Cindy Madrulli

    Cannot Choose, hum, they are both great! Thank you Sandy for educating me on the use of gouache paints. I am so excited. I like what you did with the penguins. I was looking forward to doing that one as soon and my stamps come in. Now I have an expert color pallet to help me. The Dog with wrapping paper in mouth is adorable. Thank you Sandy. Have a blessed holiday with family & friends.

  11. Gab

    These are fantastic Sandy!

  12. Susan

    I love Vienna. You can just see her happiness.

  13. Karen Draper

    I admit that I’m a penguin fan. I’d like to try your technique.

  14. Dawn Rogers (Jomada-Dawn)

    Oh, I adore the pup card, he’s such a cutie – but my favourite has to be the penguins, getting ready to decorate their home for Christmas!
    Great to see the step by step, too – so useful for someone who hasn’t done this type of thing before.
    Thanks for the inspiration

  15. Lori Kennedy

    CUTE!!! I can’t pick a favorite … (the releases from both artists are AMAZING). So I’ll just say… the penguins are adorable, and the addition of the lights is perfect! And the pup? Guilty … but cute – caught in the act! Gorgeous paintings and I learn so much from your tutorial videos. Thank you for always sharing such helpful techniques! Happiest of Holidays and enjoy your winter break!

  16. Lori Spitzer

    Hi, Sandy – It’s hard to choose. I guess I like the penguins a little better, simply because the idea of penguins trying to hang xmas lights is so comical to me. I love Anita’s dog and your treatment of it, too, though. Thanks for sharing your artistry!
    Lori S in PA

  17. Sue Eichman

    Wow….these are so good. So happy to see your inspiration.

  18. Martha Kuchel

    Love the puppy dog- he’s ready for Christmas with his candy cane!

  19. Jeanette Verdi

    Love your work, such a beautiful use of the new release.

  20. Joyce Lee

    Wow, i had never thought of using gouache, the results are stunning!

  21. Jade C.

    Fabulous cards, your work is stunning.

  22. Mary Kay Ross

    So, so precious, Sandy! Such creativity!


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