Before getting to this post, an update as of 2020: I no longer like these nibs. Why? Well I have found that if I do need a thin line, I can get that from careful use of the Super Brush nib. These bullet nibs have alcohol ink in them – which means they’ll bleed/spread, so they’re not giving you a line the way a waterbased marker would. That said, some people love them – so rock on. I haven’t found that they work badly or anything, just that I don’t have a use for them in my art.

I posted a video over on my 2nd channel a while back – but have had lots more questions since. So today – a quick update with suggestions on choosing pens you might want to swap out nibs on! Here’s the other channel first:

And now, today’s project:

Here’s the full clean and simple card – sometimes easy is best, eh?


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