I’ve got a tutorial packed with an efficient overload of information:

  1. some Copic red pairs of colors picked from the Hex Chart;
  2. a simple way to create a gift card that stands “up” like an easel;
  3. and a new way to have gift cards handy anytime you need one!

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Copic pairs of reds

I chose a red and two pink cardstocks, two warm and one cool red….and used the Hex Chart to find some color pairs to use on these cute gnomes. You can certainly choose three colors for blending, but it IS possible to just use two. There’s no law of threes! This first one has my favorite dark red in the pair.

When choosing a color to shade a pink, especially if only picking 2 colors, the tip-to-tip technique can be really helpful.

The cool dark pink cardstock is fairly close to RV17 – and I chose a dark RV to use for its shadow color.

Arent they just THE cutest little gnomies?

The gift card holders are 4″ x 7″ panels, with scores at 2-1/4″ from each side. You can decorate any of the panels with patterned paper (I have none, eeeep!) or just create your own decor on them with a white pen like I did!

I cut slits in the center panel to hold the gift card, and you can decorate the other panels as desired – even with white pen doodles if you want, like me!


I was approached last month to see if I would be interested in sharing the CardNow program with you – a system wherein you buy “empty” gift cards in either a starter pack or starter box (with a business picture on the front, so it really is a “normal” gift card) – and then when ready to send them to someone, you load it up with your funds on an app! It does cost a few bucks to get the kit – but for about 50cents extra per gift card, and during a pandemic when going to a store isn’t always the best idea, this might make some of you quite happy like it did me! Note that I do receive a commission if you choose to participate, but no pressure, just thought it might be fun for more than just me! I tucked my gift card holders in the box so I’m ready to roll for a birthday coming up next month!


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