I’ve always had a weakness for vintage ornaments – and anything with pretty glass! Since this was “shiny things” week I decided ending with a lovely red ornament would be a fun challenge!

Tutorial: Drawing Mercury Glass Vintage Ornament

Colors for markers and pencils are listed in the supplies at the end of this post.

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

This one is super easy to draw: two circles, a hangy thing on top, and point at the bottom! Or use a stamp for a round ornament and make the ridges in that – it’s fun to try!

You may be wondering why I used a Stonehenge sketchbook for this: it’s because I wanted to finish off with pencil. I knew that top layer was what would make or break it, and needed the texture of this paper to pull out the richness of the Polychromos pencil pigment.

Closing thoughts and question


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  1. Gab

    Oh wow this is gorgeous

  2. Sherry Hickey

    This is amazing, Sandy! You really capture the look and texture of vintage Christmas glass! I really enjoyed your video!

  3. Terry Blanchard

    So lovely! Makes me want to start getting ready for the holidays!! I love how you used ink and pencils. I’ve started to use colored pencil with watercolor. I used to think that was a no no!

  4. Paulyne VanderSloot

    I love it when you do these. They intrigue me. They always look so amazing. This is what drew me to you and copics. I remember watching you do a card kit from Hero Arts several years ago. You turned their plant terrarium stamp into a glass Christmas Ornament. Of course, I purchased the card kit and played with it. I still have the stamp. I may drag it out again. I believe I have more copics today than I did back then and can try more colors.

    • Kathleen

      Sandy, thank you so much for sharing your artwork. What a joy it is to watch you as you work and learn as well. God bless you Kathy


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