These are posts with videos mostly on the product itself, maintaining it, understanding it…and a few easy techniques to get you started! I’ll be organizing collections on beginner/intermediate/advanced coloring with Copics, as well as one on using different color families – so be sure to subscribe so you get notified when that’s posted in coming months! Click on any picture to get to the blog post with video.

Copic Marker Storage Ideas

How to fix crusty, gunky, bloopy Copic nibs in 30 seconds

Neenah Solar White vs Blending Card for Copic Markers

Copic Bullet Nibs

Copic Marker Cap-Cleaning Tips

Hex Chart Video Hop (9 artists!)

Easy Copic blending with analagous colors

Copic Blending Groups

Easy Coloring with Copics (non-directional shading)

Easy Copic coloring (circumferential shading)

Why patience matters for good Copic blending

Easy Copic Coloring: Vignettes

Adding Copic Details and a Simple Vignette

Blending non-similar Copic colors

Copic Airbrush Buyers Guide

Copic Jumpstart class

If you’d like lots more basics, try the Copic Jumpstart class on my teaching site, and enjoy 10% off with coupon code START ! There are lots of videos in the free “preclass” lesson all about the Copic numbering system that you can watch prior to even signing up for class.