Just a little marker maintenance! I wanted to get the post-watercolor month off and rolling but….my markers, oh my! I had a lot of work to catch up on.


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

I did make a video on the new reinkers before – but I’m still working with my old ones, but here’s what the new bottles look like if you haven’t seen them. Yes, more expensive. But Copic should have been raising prices by a little bit every year for the 10 before they hit us with the increase last year – it’s only super painful because they kept putting it off. I don’t hold it against them, even if paying for new ones makes me wince.

The official Copic tweezers have little teeth that works better than makeup tweezers. How do I know? Coz my Copic tweezers had gone awol last year and I had to use the others. I’m so glad I found this one again!

I dono’t weigh my markers like some do – that’s overkill as far as I’m concerned. 40 drops for a really dry Sketch marker, and scale down from there based on just how dry it is. This rarely has me overfilling anything.

Got gunky markers?

The video on the fix for gunky nibs (watch below or click here to see it on YT)


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