Avatar Neytiri fan art? Yes please!

I’m about to leave on my European vacation…so I thought today’s Magical Monday should also go on the road – to a land of make-believe! I really liked the movie Avatar – and the characters were designed so beautifully, so I decided to create some Neytiri fan art inCopic Marker, and I’ve colored in my watercolor style. I just love how the glow of the skin came out!..WARNING! Have your volume button handy, it wasn’t til late last night I discovered I hadn’t gone back to make some fine-tune adjustments. It’s pretty EPIC music given the movie, but…uh. yeah. It gets a little loud as it gets epic! 🙂

I’ve not been known to create Neytiri fan art or any other kind of movie piee, really – well maybe my Scrat portrait counts? 🙂 But if you have suggestions for something I should try, let me know in the comments. Maybe I’ll tackle some of your ideas.

Neytiri Fan art by Sandy Allnock


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