Animal friends are gathered together all in one stamp – so I don’t have to mask them to put them all in a group, yay! I love stamps like this, so I couldn’t resist. I decided to add to my collection of No-Line coloring projects, so if this intrigues you, go check out some of the others.

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No-line coloring allows you to adjust lines (make animals fatter, skinnier, change ear shapes, etc) – but also allows you to make the edges LOOK fuzzier than they’re drawn. In some ways that makes them look like they’re wiggling around, which is exactly what I’d expect if a group like this was gathered. Maybe wiggling nervously, ha!


The set I’m using is a graduation set but also has an awesome “I’m proud of you” sentiment that will make the set last throughout the year. Plus of course you could do this as a birthday or hello card with other sentiments you already have! Watch the video below or click HERE to watch on YouTube.

I put all the colors together here for you – pin this for use later:

Here’s the embarrassing close up view; please know that coloring can be super adorable and imperfect. I choose to believe the animals are wiggling around – not that my coloring isn’t perfect like a computer generated it. These are handmade cards we create….go easy on yourself! Your recipient isn’t going to ding you. They won’t even see your imperfections.

The little MISTI tip is one I’ll try to use again in the future – I included it as a bonus in this video, but it’s helpful if you have an image you only want to stamp a little bit of! Stamp it first onto masking paper – IN PLACE. Don’t lift it except just enough to slip scissors in to open up the area of the image you want to stamp.

More no line coloring…

If you haven’t seen my “Inspiration” tab (in the menu at the top of the blog)….this is one example of a collection of posts on a single topic – no line coloring!


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