After some recent Copic playing I’ve been doing – today I’ve got a fun tutorial for those who’d like an alternate take on floral bouquet stamps!

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Earlier this month, I had done a livestream for my patrons with a pretty bouquet of flowers…anyone who’s a patron ($1/month or more) can view this and all the previous monthly live videos. But this pretty bit of sunshine got me thinking about how to teach all of YOU how to make a pretty bouquet that’ll be easier than this one.


And thus I bought two great bouquet stamps – the larger Love you Bunches and the smaller Fresh Flowers,last week and tried my idea, and it worked!

Ok here are the colors I used – but honestly you can use any colors! Pick a happy selection, a medium and dark in each one. Stamp your image in a light or no-line ink.

The smaller of the two bouquets – open areas between the stamped flowers leave room for adding lots of tiny flowers. I fussycut the “normal” colored image and popped that up as well as the card front.

This larger bouquet is dense, so you’ll need to get creative when trying to fit in more flowers. Maybe yours will “grow” bigger like mine did! There’s a die for this stamp, but I fussycut mine with my scissors.


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