Sometimes the basic tips are the ones I just don’t share much – but I hope this one helps: be patient. Sometimes waiting for the alcohol to dry makes a difference in seeing what is working!

Primarily I find patience really important to wait and see how ink will settle out on the paper. Since alcohol slowly evaporates from the paper, the “greyness” that wet paper has can change when dry – so going back into the coloring can help after it’s had a chance to settle.


Patience is also important to keep from pouring too much ink on the paper too fast – so they end up bleeding all over outside of the lines. If that’s your issue, just give it more time to dry, and be sure to have paper underneath – not just a wood or synthetic surface that can push ink back up into the paper.

Another card done a little while back with Reverse Confetti stamps – see the blog post for Party on a Card with its video HERE!


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