I get asked often if there’s a Bible in which one can color with Copics – and sadly, no, there isn’t. Picture 1500 pages of your Bible printed on Neenah cardstock – you wouldn’t be able to lift it! However – a tip-in page is a way you can use your Copics. And Misti. And stamps. And dies. And, and and….

I used the Bible stamp from Colorado Craft Company and added a bumch of my other supplies to it – lots of fun to just get inky and add a ton of color!

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Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

While the page does end up “stiff” in the middle of your Bible, over time it should soften a little bit, though it’ll always want to open up to that page.


I had bought this Bible stamp before Amy (owner of Colorado Craft Company) sent it to me — she had seen my instagram and figured I’d like it. She was right of course – but now I have two! Leave a comment on this post, and if you just want to comment but do NOT want to win, just say so in the comment, otherwise I’ll assume you’re entering. Good luck!