I promised throughout World Watercolor Month to be posting watercolor OR water-coloring in other mediums….and today’s the most epic one yet!


This entire drawing was NOT filmed. Sorry about that! (And I have no plans to redo it for a class, this was way too hard.) I do a ton of art that never makes it on camera, and I wasn’t expecting this one to work. I knew my marker strokes were very loose as I was trying to create this, and was sure it would be a hot mess at the end. But when I reached the water at the bottom, I realized that wasn’t the case. I thought perhaps a little discussion of layering would be helpful – as well as looking at the mess that you see close up that turns into magic from a step away.

Watch the video below or click HERE to view on YouTube.

If you’d like a print to examine yourself, order up one – I’d recommend getting one at real size or close to it (10″ x 14″) so you can see the size of the marker strokes – and know that just because your art isn’t “perfectly blended” it doesn’t make it a failure1


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