Lots of folks email to ask how I think through stamping a scene – so I thought I might start a little series over time to chat about design a bit. This cute set of gnomes from Sunny Studio were so cute – they took a long time to color which would make a crazy-long video, but they’re perfect for talking about setting up stamps for little vignette scenes!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

This little seated gnome has a bird friend who has just alighted on the ground next to him; the bird’s presence only half on the card indicates the scene continues off to the left. The band of color on the right is on the card base, created with a technique from the Colored Pencil Jumpstart Class

This little nut-bearing gnome walks forward from his pumpkin house and mushroom ‘trees.’

A horizon line can connect disconnected stamps – the only masking here was a post it note covering the base of the mushroom.

And of course the little girl gnome’s scene was entirely transformed in the before and after!


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