Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends who are celebrating tomorrow! Maybe today you’re watching YouTube on your tablet while doing some prep in the kitchen – hopefully this one will be fun for you to enjoy! It IS a crazy hot mess until it’s not though, so don’t get your hopes up TOO high.


Watch the video below or click here to see it on YouTube.

The marker colors used are probably not as many as you’d expect for a card like this….and by the way I bought this little rack on a sale, thinking it would be better than me holding a fistfull of markers. But uh it doesn’t fit copics. DUH! Hopefully I’ll find a use for this so it wont end up a waste, lol. Me and sales….we don’t always think clearly!

The finished card is simply layered onto red cardstock and a dark green card base. Easy peasy! Except trying to photograph slimline cards, THAT is hard.

Want some actual do-able implied/noline coloring?

Check out my collection of implied line tutorials – dozens of them! And you’ll see that the kinds of images that work well are not necessarily complex ones like I picked out to use today.

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