Do you think you can stand more of these fun crazy birds? Oh my! This has got to be my favorite way yet to use them!

Stamped Comic Strip Card

The inspiration to use the Bird Crazy set this way came from the Crazy Thoughts set – the fun starbursts made me totally think of Roy Lichtenstein‘s art! (Check out more of his art HERE.) I added in, of course some of the accessories from Crazy Things, and a little bit of the sentiments from Crazy Talk. So much fun on a card!

Templates and tips

As for the templates – I made this card with the 5×7 template, since it’s got larger stamps. But you can also use the A2 size template with smaller images. The possibilites are endless!

A few tips to create a simpler comic strip card:

  1. Print on paper that’s compatible with your coloring if you want to stay “in” the lines.
  2. Diecut or fussycut images that “break” the bounds of the lines.
  3. Get a good one done, scan it, and print a few for your own use. (Remember, it’s illegal to share or post them, but you can make your own cards this way!)
  4. If you blog it – link back here! Linking to this post “pings” me to come see what you’ve created.
  5. Download the 2 templates HERE.
Sandy Allnock Comic Strip Card Bird Crazy


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