At the risk of designating social media as royalty – lol – I used the logos of some favorite social media logos for my card today – as well as a bit of inspiration for a little coloring in #thehumanrainbow !


This video is my ode-to-Van-Gogh! I recently went on a virtual tour of the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam….despite knowing a lot about Van Gogh before the tour, the thing that struck me in seeing his work chronologically was the vast differences between his styles. Almost like he changed on a dime when moving from northern to southern France! Which gave me permission to just go for it with this card even when it started heading a different direction despite my attempts to mentally redirect it! Check it out…

The pressure of the pencil did get away from me – it made for denser color (more dense? Is that more gramatically correct?)……but man was it hard! And it made my white pen turn tail and run when I tried to add the stars.

And that left me going to my trusty Watercolor Grounds for the stars! You can do something similar with acrylics; depending on the quality, sometimes paints don’t absorb color from beneath the way a white pen does. Give whatever you have at home and see what works!