Hey there – Mother Nature heard me whining that my morning walks were still requiring jackets at 53F…..guess what? 90s this past weekend! GAH!!! I knew it was coming so did some prep last week….I bought a new fan, stocked up on beverages and popsicles and…ICE CREAM! Before the heat hit I decided this week’s theme would be ice cream, and created a ginormous set of printables for you and called it “Peace Love and Ice Cream!”


Watch the video below or click here to see it on YT.

These are the colors that were out on my desk after finishing all this coloring…..and look at that sweatshirt sleeve! Yes I filmed before the heat got bad in the studio….I sat out under a tree instead all weekend!

The set of printables

Grab yours here: Peace Love and Ice Cream printable set

In the zip file you’d download if you purchased this set, you’ll get nice flat versions of the colorings from today that you can keep along with the folder of images so it’s handy dandy.

The more complicated ice cream – with three flavors. You might want the version without the stippled details for things like lemon ice cream – light colors might seem a bit odd with all the black detail. But the limited detail is also a great way to learn your shading by putting it in yourself!

These, I’ll just tell ya, are too tiny! ha. I really wanted to get in more detail and couldn’t. But a tip on the soft serve with sprinkles: add them in with a gel pen or with stickles or other colored substances; coloring around tiny ones like this is too hard!


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