When it comes to colored pencil shading, there’s not much more fun than a darling little bear! And Reverse Confetti makes so many cute critters. Let’s get started with some basic colored pencil shading, are you ready?

View on YouTube.


Get your pencils really really sharp – I start with an electric pencil sharpener, and if needed I’ll take a turn in a handheld sharpener too just to make sure that point is superfine! Then when the coloring is done I use a blending stump dipped into either Gamsol or Baby Oil – they both work about the same! Just be sure not to get the oil on the white paper or you may see oily stains.

The Prismacolor pencils used, chosen from the Behr color of the year brochure I picked up at my local paint store:


I wanted that large flood of yellow seen in the picture in the brochure, so I used a panel of yellow paper across the card. I offset the two circles – one bringing in a pop of pink – and added scraps of ribbon coming out from one side. White pen stitching and two sentiments from Ellen Hutson and it really came together!

Here’s the sketch with measurements if you want to try it!