There’s lots going on in this short video – coloring rich flowers in Perfume Bouquet, with Copic marker colors I rarely use; combining two very different stamp sets (Mini Love Cards for tags); and making a 5×7 card, rare for me!

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I had accidentally grabbed and cut down a sheet of 110lb cardstock – I generally prefer 80lb as it blends better, but went forward with it anyway. It really does make a nice crisp card front!

When coloring Perfume Bouquet, I recommend coloring each full flower together; you could approach it petal by petal, but that’s ok being a little mushy compared to defining the place where the two big flowers do meet with some extra of the darkest color. Follow the shading lines in the stamps on this one, they’re really accurate.

I pulled out purpley-pink markers I normally don’t use – and now I’m wondering why! With these, you do have to be careful since the RV6’s start going desaturated — but a pop of RV66 brightens things up.

When it came to the little tags, I picked the cacti….so sweet! I didn’t leave myself space for a sentiment (whoops!) so added a ‘just for you’ in my own handwriting. The rest of the tags will be for a Valentines project for my Toastmasters club – they’re getting used to me making little treats for holidays!


The Perfume Bouquet stamp is HYOOOOGE. To place it on a regular A2 card it would basically be touching the top and bottom of a full card front; I nearly decided to cut it in half and get two cards out of it, like I did with THIS card….but chose instead to make a BIG card for once, 5×7. The colored panel is cut down by 3/4″ vertically and horizontally so I have a nice wide border on a clean white card base.

I plan to make something for my Toastmasters club – might need to be careful with some of the sentiments (ha!) but the images in this Mini Love Cards set are adorable, aren’t they? They’d be great for school valentines!


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