It’s the last day of the Labor Day sale at! I was trying to rush to get this class done in time, but….I kept adding more and more content. I couldn’t help myself! I have a ton of editing to do this week, but decided to open this class for preregistration so you can get the sale price. You’re welcome!

When I first started sketching out ideas for this class, I debated if it should be an alcohol marker or water-based marker class. How to decide, how to decide….then,……don’t decide, do both! ha! That meant I needed an easy transition from one to another as I worked through the lessons. 

After much research I found this sketchbook that got good reviews both for alcohol markers and water based — and it’s not that slick marker paper that I don’t like working on. Due to the world we live in now, it took a while for my sketchbook to arrive, but I jammed on it right away when I got it. Class didn’t get finished but…..I’m well on the way!

Video: Color testing and comparison, new sketchbook

In this side by side test I show you how I made simple turtles in alcohol marker, water based marker, and watercolor – then added pen and ink on top. No colored pencil; the wax and oil in those tends to make ink bead up, so unless I work something out there won’t be wash & ink style pencil classes.

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Color & Line Class

I wanted to find a way to connect this to the Wash & Ink class, and the Travel Sketches class which is technically wash and ink too….washes of color in a medium, with ink added! The drawing portions of this class are what makes it level 4; you don’t need to be an expert draftsman, there’s no perspective etc, but some of it could be challenging.

Sign up today, Labor Day, using code LABOR, and you’ll get 10% off. This is a pricey class due to the double instruction in multiple mediums, so the % makes it a nice chunk of savings for you! All adult classes are also in this sale – you can find them HERE in order of most recent class first.

Keepin’ it short and sweet

I’m gonna end this post here – because I have both a Zoom this morning with artists who’ve joined Artventure (click here to go sign up this morning and jump on the call with us!)…..and tons of editing to get underway. Enjoy the last bit of this holiday weekend!


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