Today’s set of cards was inspired by Albert’s Quiet Quest’s inside jacket – by Isabelle Arsenault! It’s the second in my children’s illustrator series, and it’s pretty easy to do. And I used stamps by Anita Jeram, also a children’s illustrator, so it’s a festival of kids drawings today!

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Here’s the book….it’s the very sweet story of Albert who just wants everyone to QUIET DOWN! (I can so relate!) Get a copy at your local bookstore or it’s HERE on Amazon.


Watch the video below or click HERE to watch it on YouTube.

Masking off a section to paint a rectangle – and then painting the rest – is so easy! You only need to paint “around” the main image, which isn’t hard. Then use a watercolor pencil or a pen to do some fun doodling; I used the watercolor pencil so I could get a variety of greys. And I kept the doodling loose and deliberately wonky so that “straight” wouldn’t be a bar to mean my card would look wrong…it just looks loose!

The pups are in the “What This?” set – with birthday sentiments. It’s the pawfect dog for Vienna cards!

The Hedgehog Day set is great for cardmakers – lots of mail being sent and opened!

Though I’m not a coffee drinker, I know a lot of friends who can’t survive without their java….

The Home Sweet Home set has one stamp that’s the whole scene but also separate stamps for the door, window, cat, etc. I liked the simplicity of leaving out some images and making it a vertical card by rearranging the elements, and added a yellow to have one extra color but keeping it simple without all the doodles.


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