Today’s video is a bit advanced for some – and there’s not really an actual recipe for coloring glass using these vases from Altenew. But I’m going to give it a try! I forgot to mention it in the video but this is on Stonehenge drawing paper.

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Note: The video is just the glass, not the flowers, but scroll down to see the Polychromos color numbers for each flower.

The shapes and colors for glass totally depend on what is AROUND the glass. Underneath, behind, and sometimes across the room! The “window” reflection here is imagined – a window across the room would have the vertical and horizontal portions reflect in the glass as a darker shape, but not window-color – it’s more just a shadow.

I did color all the rest of these in case you get the stamp set and want an idea of where to begin…the colors used in the video and on these images are also listed.

Many, many, many layers. Many. Did I say many?

If I meant many layers on that flower, this one…even more layers!

More glass

….and in other mediums too! I’ve collected all my glass stuff in one place:


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