There are so many superhero duos out there. In the comics. In novels. In the movies. But only one superhero duo, from my quick research, contains…a pig.

I created a card about a year ago with Stamping Bella’s Parker the Pig (no longer available, 2020). Sadly there was no video of that card, and Parker sat listlessly in his stamp home. Listlessly because he’s a pig…a pig who needed a friend. And now he has one!

Her name is Hayley – and she’s brand new from Stamping Bella – she’ll be available on Monday, so I hope you have your sticky-note list handy for shopping! (I’ll share my shopping list on Monday!) This release is outstanding! Huge thanks to Em for sending me a few stamps to play with to share the new creations with you.


Watch the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

This superhero duos card was a blast to color! You may have gathered, if you’ve followed me a while, that I love to layer colors. Night scenes or anything with heavy coverage gives me the ability to build up color til it’s as rich as what’s in my imagination! The hex chart I referred to in the video is HERE….and the ruler that rolls is HERE.

Sandy Allnock Superhero duos

This card’s 5×7, not the normal A2 size…layered up with a couple pieces of cardstock to make it travel really well to my niece for her graduation. I hope it’ll be a fun card that’ll inspire her to go out and take over the world!


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