Mondays might not be the most wonderful day of the week, but CANDY SEASON is the most wonderful time of the year! ha!

Yes I’m a candyholic, much to my dentist’s dismay. And my scale’s! But when I see a stamp set with candy, I just gotta color it….this is my first attempt on this one and I have more ideas to come so watch social media to see what else I come up with!

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I just had to make a candy store – because I love me a good local candystore! When we used to be able to travel, I always looked for an indy sweet shop in every town. My waistline probably appreciates that that’s no longer going on – ha! Watch the video below or click HERE to view it in HD on YouTube.

Watch on YouTube

The scene portions for this card are quite simple – create a countertop with a side edge and area underneath, then a grid for windows and a bit of light blue sky showing through. Leave a little white for the snow to collect at the bottom of each pane!

My card also uses last year’s Retro sentiment set – nice crisp text with beautiful stacking and swirls!

Leave a comment and tell me YOUR favorite Christmas candy!

Supracolor pencils

Ask Santa for some new art supplies for Christmas – Supracolors are an excellent choice for an awesome treat! There’s also a class you can take to learn how to use them – Watercolor Pencil Jumpstart – but don’t get it yet. Wait til Black Friday when there’s a good sale. I know, I know, shooting myself in the foot, but I want you to get a deal!


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