It’s that time – if you haven’t started on your valentines, get on it! Only a month to go til the lovey day!

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I’m not into making the sweet lovey lovey kinds of valentines – the cute or funny ones are much more appealing to me, and take the sting out of a holiday made for people with partners too. So I made a few with PINK LIONS! And the sweetest tiny heart bubble dies you’ve ever seen.


It’s a short video for today since it’s a CAS (clean and simple) set of cards – take a minute to enjoy, then go make something of your own!

Here are swatches of the Polychromos colors, so if you’re using another brand you can use this for comparison. The cool colors are the 125 and 129, the 124 is a warmer pink; the 133 is maybe cool? It’s often hard to decide when they’re dull colors like this one. But with the other pinks it worked just great.

Originally I bought this die set for some of my scene cards – it’s a way to put a teeny “sentiment” on a scene card when you don’t want to cover up all the scene work with a stamped message or panel! The little girl here is from Penny Black, and her name is Lolly.

My favorite chef stamp! I may be making kitchens for him for years to come, LOL. And in this one he’s mixing up a bowl full of love!

This little girl from New Best Friend is loving on her kitty in a bedroom I drew for her! Again, the die is a great way to add a “love” sentiment with minimal real estate.


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