I’ve got not one but TWO bits of fun for you today….a brand new set of beautiful printables (aka digistamps) that you can nab for your own stocking stuffer….and a peek at a new class coming up! 

Tutorial: Clean and Simple Design for Cardmakers + Copic Coloring Migrating Birds

First part of the video is the coloring of the birds, then followed by an example of what’ll be happening in the class that launches on Christmas!

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

What comes with the Migrating Birds set

If you decide to get the bird set, you’ll receive:

  1. PNG versions of 12 images (two each of 6 birds, flipped left and right) in black and white
  2. Colored sample with suggested Copic swatches and video
  3. Single sheet with all birds

Clean and Simple Design Class 

The class is focused on design. Not a how-to, in the traditional sense. I’ll be sharing a whole bunch of tips from my lifetime as a graphic designer, showing an old card I made, talk about what I did or didn’t like about parts of it, then I’ll make a sketch with a first re-draft, then a second clean and simple version! You won’t see creation steps – there’ll be just a few in the final CAS card, but don’t think of these as full tutorials!

You’ll use YOUR stamps and dies and other supplies for your homework; you can use the birds like I’ll be doing, but remember you might end up fussy cutting depending on how you decide to create your art!

Old card with image by Kraftin Kimmie. Overdid the dot embellishments! (I think they were on the sketch I had used?) Fussy cutting A+, but choices of patterned paper were questionable. Image feels high on the page.

Revising by making a sketch and cleaing it up – fewer dots, whew! Altered the size of the big rectangle, skinnied up the tall panel. Simplified patterns. Kept black layers for contrast.

Cleaned up the sketch, moving the tall panel to front. Kept the rounded rectangle but softened color and added white dot pattern. Airbrushed the scene then only drew a hint of it so the duck would stay prominent. Cut down to 3 embellishments. Bingo!

As we go through class you’ll find sometimes you liked elements I didn’t. Or didn’t like things I did. Those are all creative choices! But my hope is to help you think through your own decisions, while also being free to make different choices. But now they’ll be conscious ones rather than “I just didn’t know what to do here!”

Class available on Christmas Day!

I’m trying like mad to get it all finished before the Christmas sale – and I’m feeling optimistic! But either way I’ll launch it with just part of the lessons, and will have others done shortly after. Where to find it? It’ll be at the top of the “newest classes” page!

Class price will be $49.99, discounted on Christmas. In case you need to drop Santa a hint that you’ve got one more wish. 🙂

The giveaway is closing soon!

If you missed the last post with a giveaway of a 36 marker set – click here and enter!


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