While I chose to airbrush MY card – I know a lolt of you who are awesome at inking could work out doing this with inks. One day maybe I’ll learn to ink smoothly?? I know this old dog CAN learn new tricks but inking is one that eludes me! The design here for a CAS is solid though….give it a try!



Watch the vdeo below or click HERE to view it on YouTube.

The colorway

I shared about this on a recent post – you can see the full Tiny Tutorial about these colorways by clicking right here.

The card

Sunny Blooms is a sweet little stamp even if it has no flower petals 🙂 It was perfect for this technique! A little white pen added onto airbrush totally worked.

The first sentiment I picked was too big. It would have had to be up in the white space – which would have killed off the idea of a CAS card (ha!) or….swapped for a maller sentiment. I added this!

More Purple Onion Inspiration!

In case you didn’t know…each weekend for about 6 months, I’ve put together collections of 15-30 videos on a topic – this week’s is all about PO stamps! Tap the image to go see it – or if you want to see all the OTHER tutorial collections, look under the “INSPIRATION” tab at the top of my blog. Have fun!


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