This video’s the longest one I’ve done in eons…eeeep! But that’s what I get for being indecisive. In all the places I’ve asked, lots of you have requested me to color him in black, brown, white, and paint/spotted….so I did them all since I couldn’t pick one and disappoint everyone else! lol. People-pleaser, that’s me! Annotations will take you from one section of the video to another, so feel free to skip around to what you want to see.

I’m providing stills of the finished cards; designs were all kept simple since the focus is just on the horse. On all but the last, I didn’t even put much detail into anything on the cowpoke except a little shading on the hat and box. At the very end of everything I did some quick washes of color for backgrounds.

Sandy Allnock Brown Horse-Trigger & SkylerSandy Allnock Black Horse-Trigger & SkylerSandy Allnock White Horse-Trigger & Skyler

On this one I added more shading onto the cowpoke, and went a little nuts on the sunrise in the distance, too! Sandy Allnock Paint Horse-Trigger & Skyler

I hope that’s helpful for you guys! I have a request to do a Ciara’s Friends coloring video for another channel – which one of the stamp line would you like to see in a couple weeks?