I’ve been burning it up over here.

With a pyroggraphy pen that is.

Wood burning.

I keep finding wood objects – looking for them at places like Goodwill, since I’m on a tight leash for buying stuff – and I found a bamboo cheeseboard dirt cheap! 

Guess in your head what shape this is before moving on!

Vlog: Christmas Vacation | Holiday Party Invitation | Virtual Craft Fair

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Holiday Party at Artventure

The Zoom party will be on Artventure – December 17th, at 4pm Pacific (the site SHOULD translate it into your time zone when you go to the EVENT tab to rsvp). We’ll be sharing cards made during the exchange we’ve got going on and finding out who sent what. Then we’ll play a game that will have PRIZES! And it’s all free. Pop over and join the fun!

Virtual Craft Fair #2

Lots of ornaments are available! Serious ones, cute ones, funny ones, elegant ones. Small ones, big ones! And for those who buy a drawing or painting from the rest of the shop, I’ll also send a Christmas card while supplies last…coz I made more than I needed. Tap on the image to start shopping!

The peony for my niece

Aint she purty? Even if she’s in the shape of Kentucky, the flower came out so great! And yes, fingerless gloves here. During the time I worked on the peony cheese board, my furnace was broken for several weeks and I was freezing cold! But it’s all fixed now.


My to-do list has swamped me, of course, as does the life of any entrepreneur while on vacation! I’m trying to dig through my emails and put out anything on fire, but if it takes a little while, please forgive me. Santa, leave me some extra time in my stocking this year! 😉


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  1. Sharon

    I thought it was a Santa sled filled with packages.

  2. June from Minnesota

    the bamboo cheese board looks like a mis-shapened Kentucky 🙂

    • June from Minnesota

      BTW– I just watched your video….. I did not cheat with my cheese board guess!


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