You’ve heard about that hot tin roof. Now, its winter companion: cats on a cold winter porch!

Every once in a while, I create a card that, well, it has some challenges… This one had filming issues with a few sections just disappearing, but also, I had to keep adjusting the colors to make the kitties stand out!

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I had started with one vision, basing my background on a front porch that I found on the interwebs. Watch the crazy process, and scroll down on this post to see an easier card with this stamp set that got posted a week ago!

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You can see I had to add snow on their heads; ha! They were just blending right into that door. I could have made lighter kitties to avoid that, but didn’t think of it at the time I started the coloring.

Fortunately for Christmas cards, I can add snow – and nobody gets lost in the details that didn’t work out!

I recently created this video for the MFT channel with the same set – lots easier, and it comes with instructions in the voiceover. Ha!

An extra video – created recently over at MFT:


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