I’ve used pencils WITH  alcohol marker for many years now – but after a question was left recently on YouTube, I realized there are times when I’ve shown you which colors *I* used on a project…but never really talked about what YOU might think about when choosing a pencil color. Let’s do that today!

Congratulations to my friends at Trinity Stamps!! Five years in business is nothing to sneeze at….so many never last that long, and Trinity doesn’t seem to be going anywhere but up! 🙂


Two days of bloghop, videohop, facebook, and instagram hops offers you lots of chances to see ideas with each stamp and die set and decide what may need to come home with you; when I peeked at the release and got to choose, the walrus with donuts had my heart. So you’ll get to see that today!



Tutorial: Choosing pencil colors to use atop alcohol marker

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Choosing colors

When trying to smooth out a blend, the best way to choose a color is finding something in between the dark and the light you’re trying to blend; cover part of the dark with the semi-opaque pencil, then part of the light with a lighter touch of the pencil. The effect will be to flatten the overall dimension – since you’re averaging out the two marker colors. But have no fear! It’s easy to use a dark, in this case black, to restore the darks. With the ability to lighten pressure slowly, it’ll be easier to recreate the flattened blend.

Donut Shop Scene!

I’ve created a fun donut shop scene with the hopes of helping those struggling with perspective to find their way through; if this is helpful I may do more of these in the future; these will likely be in Artventure for the time being, because that’s where I’m keeping the card-centric ones; the ‘big’ website has the classes that aren’t, for the most part, reliant on stamps that’ll go out of production at some point.

So if you’d like to learn this background, join Artventure; the app stores can be abysmally sloooooow at approving classes, but you can still purchase in the web version of the site no matter which app store you normally use. Here’s the link. https://artventure.mn.co/

Hop along!

Trinity has things going on across platforms….YouTube, blog, instagram, facebook…..wherever you like to hang out go find them and see what’s shaking! And have a donut for me 🙂

Instagram hop:

@sandyallnock  MEEEE 🙂

YouTube hop: (I didn’t make the cut but here’s the rest)

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  1. Entire new release, Trinity Stamps 
    1. Used here;  Fan-tusk-tic Stamp Set –  Die Set 
  2. Copic Markers 
  3. Copic Hex Chart 
  4. Neenah Cardstock, Solar White 250pk
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  1. Shannon

    Sandy! Your artwork and instruction are both AMAZING!
    Tank you for your continued inspiration!

  2. Gab

    Really fun card Sandy!


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