It’s a mice time to celebrate….every day!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.


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  • MFT Mice TIme to Celebrate, no longer available
  • Arches Cold Press Paper: EH – BLICK 
  • Daniel Smith Watercolors:  EHBLICK
  • Silver Brush Black Velvet Round #8: EH – BLICKAMZ
Paint a Crocus Garden

Paint a Crocus Garden

My project uses the Crocus Flowers and Courage sentiment – in loose loose watercolor! If you’ve struggled with loose painting, I’ve got some encouragement in the video that might shake you from being so tight!

Paint a loose background – then if you paint out of the lines it really won’t matter at all. It’ll just be some extra pretty splatter!

If you need something different to shake you up creatively, try a different format for a card – long skinny, 5×7, something other than your usual!


Some product may be provided by manufacturers for review and use. Compensated affiliate links are here at no cost to you. If you choose to shop using my EH (Ellen Hutson) links, please accept cookies on that site in order to retain the link to my blog, or that compensation does not happen for me. I appreciate your support of my work with your purchases! Full affiliate and product disclosure | My trusted partners in art

My 2019-2021 Watercolor palettes

My 2019-2021 Watercolor palettes

Some artists change colors out in their palette really often – I’ve tried keeping my main palette of 24 colors pretty consistent for about every 2-3 years, so that as I’ve created videos and classes, I wouldn’t be constantly poking at everyone to buy yet ANOTHER color.

This “2019” palette will carry through 2021, and I’ll be trying out a new and smaller palette collection with larger paint wells for my fine art (see more on that here) – but for most crafting, this palette remains my primary palette for cardmaking.

However it’s time. My old palette had colors in it that I thought I would use but when it came down to it, I rarely did! So those colors got booted. Others were replaced by colors with another flavor, or other properties. And the job of choosing got a little easier once I got the small half pan palettes — which gave me more options to slide in some other colors I’d like to play with. They’ve all been sitting in my other 24-pan palettes for all this time, so when I wanted to “play” I had several out all over the place. So now….hopefully I can grab the right grouping in a palette to get some new colors with properties I want to play with!

In the video I show you the old colors vs new, or at least most of them….all the individual links are here in the blog post, and only some of them are in the YT description – it’s kind of a crazy amount of linking. LOL!

Supplies for this project are linked at the end of this post. Compensated affiliate links may be used at no cost to you.

My main palette

  • Watercolor Paints and main palette
    • Nickel Azo (EH DB)
    • New Gamboge (EH DB)
    • Aussie Red Gold  (EH DB)
    • Yellow Ochre (EH DB)
    • Burnt Sienna  (EH DB)
    • Burnt Umber (EH DB)
    • Perylene Maroon (EH DB)
    • Anthraquinoid Scarlet (EH DB)
    • Pyrrol Scarlet  (EH DB)
    • Quinacridone Rose (EH DB)
    • Imperial Purple (EH DB)
    • Moonglow (EH DB)
    • Cobalt Teal Blue (EH DB)
    • Iridescent Electric Blue (EH DB)
    • Cobalt Blue (EH DB)
    • French Ultramarine Blue (EH DB)
    • Phthalo Blue GS (EH DB)
    • Indanthrone Blue (EH DB)
    • Serpentine Genuine (EH DB)
    • Sap Green (EH DB)
    • Green Apatite Genuine (EH DB)
    • Perylene Green (EH DB)
    • Payne’s Blue Gray (EH DB
    • Neutral Tint (EH DB)
  • Schmincke Palette EHBLICK
  • Half pans EH –  BLICK
  • Brushes:
    • Silver Brush Black Velvet Round #8 EH – BLICKAMZ
    • Silver Brush Black Velvet Round #12  EH –BLICKAMZ

Floral Set

DANIEL SMITH Floral Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Floral set includes: Hansa Yellow Medium (EH DB) Quinacridone Gold (EH DB) Phthalo Blue Green Shade (EH DB) Cascade Green (EH DB) Green Apatite Genuine (EH DB). My additions: Cobalt Teal Blue (EH DB) Lavender (EH DB) Wisteria (EH DB) Rose of Ultramarine (EH DB) Mayan Violet (EH DB) Pyrrol Orange (EH DB) Cadmium Red Medium (EH DB) New Gamboge (EH DB) Sap Green (EH DB) Spring Green (EH DB)

Earth palette

DANIEL SMITH Earth Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Earth set includes: Buff Titanium (EH DB) Raw Sienna Light (EH DB) Bronzite Genuine (EH DB) Venetian Red (EH DB) Burnt Sienna Light (EH DB) Lunar Black (EH DB). My additions: Quinacridone Deep Gold (EH DB) Bloodstone Genuine (EH DB) Neutral Tint (EH DB) Payne’s Blue Gray (EH DB)  Amazonite Genuine (EH DB) Jadeite Genuine (EH DB) Undersea Green (EH DB) Amethyst Genuine (EH DB) Purpurite Genuines (EH DB) Rhodonite Genuine (EH DB)

Colors of Inspiration palette

DANIEL SMITH Colors of Inspiration Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Colors of Inspiration set includes: Lavender (EH DB) Wisteria (EH DB) Rose of Ultramarine (EH DB) Moonglow (EH DB) Shadow Violet (EH DB) Serpentine Genuine (EH DB). My additions: Indian Yellow (EH DB) Aussie Red Gold (EH DB) Phthalo Yellow Green (EH DB) Cobalt Teal Blue (EH DB) Iridescent Electric Blue (EH DB) Kyanite Genuine (EH DB) Blue Apatite Genuine (EH DB) Anthraquinoid Scarlet (EH DB) Rose Madder Genuine (EH DB) Opera Pink (EH DB)

Sketcher palette

DANIEL SMITH Sketcher Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Sketcher sets Includes: Hansa Yellow Medium (EH DB) Quinacridone Rose (EH DB) Ultramarine Blue (EH DB) Cerulean Blue Chromium (EH DB) Monte Amiata Natural Sienna (EH DB) Transparent Red Oxide (EH DB). My additions: Nickel Azo (EH DB) Serpentine Genuine (EH DB) Undersea Green (EH DB) Cobalt Teal Blue (EH DB) Sedona Genuine (EH DB) Bloodstone Genuine (EH DB) Moonglow (EH DB) Payne’s Gray (EH DB) Neutral Tint (EH DB) Lunar Black (EH DB)

Blues palette

DANIEL SMITH Blues Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Blues set includes: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine (EH DB) Cerulean Blue (EH DB) Lunar Blue (EH DB) Indigo (EH DB) Sodalite Genuine (EH DB) Payne’s Blue Gray (EH DB). My suggestions: Buff Titanium (EH DB) Lunar Earth (EH DB) Perylene Maroon (EH DB) Nickel Azo (EH DB) Serpentine Genuine (EH DB) Green Gold (EH DB) Green Apatite (EH DB) Hookers Green (EH DB) Deep Sap (EH DB) Perylene Green (EH DB) .

Ultimate Mixing palette

DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Mixing Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Included: Buff Titanium  (EH DB) Hansa Yellow Medium(EH DB)  Quinacridone Gold (EH DB)  Pyrrol Scarlet  (EH DB) Permanent Alizarin Crimson  (EH DB) Quinacridone Rose (EH DB) Ultramarine Blue (EH DB) Cerulean Blue Chromium  (EH DB) Phthalo Blue Green Shade  (EH DB) Phthalo Green Blue Shade  (EH DB) Goethite Brown Ochre  (EH DB) Burnt Sienna  (EH DB) Indian Red  (EH DB) Raw Umber  (EH DB) Jane’s Gray (not able to be purchased.)

My own mini-palette

This has a mix of some of the colors from my palette above. I’m exhausted with all the linking so…just look at that list. LOL!

merry cookiemas!

merry cookiemas!

mama didn’t want to bug everyone with the holiday so close so we are writing to tell you she has a new class for you and a sale on all the other classes and she also did a speed video from a live thing she did where we appeared at the end but she cut us out of the speed video so you have to watch it on facebook if you want to see us.

merry cookiemas from G and V

new class

here is mama’s new class  and the other classes are on sale if you got a gift card for cookiemas and even if you didnt get one you still get the sale because if you have cookies it is the law that you have to share

speed video without dogs

Poinsettia Speed Sketches

Poinsettia Speed Sketches

Speed Sketching in Watercolor

I was playing around with a photo that I thought was challenging but beautifully seasonal…I’m not positive what I think of either of these but thought you might like to see them. I tried this painting several times, and this is closer than the first – but I may still need to paint it a few more times. Can’t let a flower kick my behind, know what I mean?

Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Some of the paint got well away from me but….yeah. lol.

Speed Sketching in Copic Marker

Just because the watercolor fought me, I also sketched the flowers in Copics– I’m far more comfortable with the medium, though it’s not challenging to me so I love the watercolor process much more.

That white poinsettia was harder than I thought!

I’m still goofing around with the new lights – but I seriously need to get back to work today or I won’t have anything ready to post in January, eeep!!


  • Watercolor sketch:
    • Daniel Smith Watercolors EHBLICK
    • Silver Brush Black Velvet Round #8 EHBLICKAMZ
    • Silver Brush Black Velvet Round #12 EHBLICKAMZ
    • Arches Cold Press Paper: EHBLICK
  • Copic:

Don’t clean your palette yet! (plus new classes!!)

Don’t clean your palette yet! (plus new classes!!)

I’ve got a few things to let you know about….and aren’t you the lucky one, subscribed to my blog, so you get to hear about them when others have to wait? First a watercolor tip, then a little info on new classes!

Don’t clean your palette yet!

The post on Ellen’s blog went awol so I’ve copied portions of it if you’re interested in the cards. Hopefully the blog post will fix itself! 

See captions below each for a little about the making of the cards:

The first of the cards uses the new Hands die – all those great ethnically-painted hands are celebrating someone doing a GREAT JOB! I diecut the Block Words out of white cardstock, then cut the same out of black and inserted them so it’s nice and flat, and popped up all the hands. The confetti? Nuvo drops!
Next up are the clean and simple Fortune Cookie cards – all I needed was some dimensional adhesive, and the stamp set that has so many fabulous sentiments for the insert and the card.
My favorite of these cards pleases my sweet tooth! I used the cookies from Ginger HouseBaker Lady elements to create a background with Twilight ink  the Letterboard dies to make the tray, and a sentiment also from Baker Lady. The cookies can be decorated as I did with Nuvo drops – or think about all the gems, glossy accents, and other products that can be used! There are stamps that you can use with them but just cutting out the dies lets you have freedom to decorate your own way! 
If you’re a Bible Journaler – you might want to know about the books! I wrote one book with tutorials/instructions, and a workbook that I showed in the video – that is printed on Bible paper. It’s awesome for trying out techniques and practicing things before going to your Bible. I painted on a page that has rocks to color in – and by mixing browns and greys together, it created some beautiful rocks!  


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for the above projects. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

Kids Drawing Class (available now)

This weekend I launched the new KIDS drawing class! It’s only $5, and would be a great Christmas gift along with some new crayons and markers for the littles in your life. There’s a little promo video on the class page you can watch to see if it suits your little’s abiilities. Note that some of them watch my crazy YouTube videos and do a bang-up job, so even if this looks past what they can do, you might be surprised!

Intermediate class: One Rose Four Ways (launches 12/24)

I’m testing an idea for those who love ALL the mediums like I do…I know there are a number of folks who have taken all the Jumpstart classes, so I’m trying a mini class with FOUR mediums! If you need Santa to either 1) send you a gift card or 2) get you art supplies for classes, they are below – links in the captions. Class will be $15.99 like the other Mini courses.

It’s an intermediate class – that means I recommend the Jumpstart classes before this. But you can judge yourself if you’re ready. If you’ve taken them then you likely have the supplies needed (listed in captions). 

In class, I’ll be supplying a digi image of the rose, and a photo from PMP (so get a free account there) – you can transfer the image to your paper by printing (for copic or pencil), using graphite or other transfer paper, using a lightbox, or by putting the paper and print up to a window to trace it. 

Conte Sketching pencils in black (2B), a White Pitt pencil – soft, blending stumps, toned sketchbook. (I’m using grey but there’s also a tan.)
Stonehenge paper – a regular pad, or I’m using this spiral sketchbook. Polychromos (Blick, Amazon) colors are shown here – you can substitute with whatever brand you want to use.
Copic Sketch Markers R05, Salmon Red —-  Y17, Golden Yellow —-  R89, Dark Red —-  R59, Cardinal —- R37, Carmine —- YR04, Chrome Orange —- YG23, New Leaf —- YG99, Marine Green —- YG95, Pale Olive 
Daniel Smith Watercolors: Anthraquinoid Scarlet —-  Aussie Red Gold —- Sap Green —- Silver Brush Black Velvet Watercolor Brushes, Short Round 8 –—  Short Round 12 —- and Cold Press Watercolor Paper Pad 9×12 

Thanks for scrolling down through the post! I know it was a long one 🙂