Fine Art Inspiration

Fine Art Inspiration

Today, since it’s my birthday (go to my YT channel at 11am Pacific and join in!) I thought I’d share what I feel is “me” – my fine art! Yes I do love my crafting….but where I find myself growing is trying new things beyond that little A2 sized surface! A bunchof these have only music without voiceover. Lots of times when I’m trying new things I have zero idea how to explain it…sometimes looking is the best way to learn, too!

These are not, of course, my only or best works. They’re just the ones on YouTube! The most amazing things always seem to happen off camera. But if you’d like to explore more of my fine art works, or choose any to purchase for your own art collection, please see my Fine Art site.

You’ll find a couple sections below… on a picture to go see the blog post with video!


My Plein Air Watercolor Setup: a trip to Hylebos Park

Coastal Watercolor – on canvas with a flat brush

6 tips: Mesmerizing Yupo Watercolor Landscape

Watercolor a Tropical Paradise

Watercoloring in Sketch-a-day Sketchbook

More watercolor sketchbooks

Reef Shark Watercolor on Black

Expressive Watercolor: Painting a Cat

31 Speed Paintings

Black Capped Chickadee watercolor

Painting just one petal

Watercolor poinsettia

Watercoloring in Sketch-a-day Sketchbook

One color watercolor painting (Lunar Blue)

Winter Cardinal – with a story

Pietá in watercolor (one of my earliest paintings, eeep)

Streets of Rome Watercolor Painting (another early one!)

Ink Painting

Ink and Bleach CItyscape

Copic marker

Copic Marker Tulip

Drawing Scrat in Copic Marker

Tribute Drawing: Robin Williams

Drawing a Copic sundae

Copics on Yupo paper

Betta Fish

Drawing T-Rex

Copic Poinsettia Sketch


Copic Spring Bokeh

Lion drawing, Copic marker

Spring Hedgehog in Copic Marker

Drawing Mannie the Cat

Neytiri from Avatar

Drawing King T’Challa in Wakanda: Chadwick Boseman Tribute

Colored Pencil

Autumn scene in colored pencil

Drawing Transparent Jellyfish on Black paper

Santa’s View – flyover

Watercolor Pencil

Drawing Magical Castles


Drawing a parrot in oil pastels

Inspiration: 23+ Copic Beginner tutorials

Inspiration: 23+ Copic Beginner tutorials

If you’re new to Copic coloring and want to try out some starter techniques, I’m here to help! I’ll continue adding to this post as I create more beginner tutorials, so feel free to check back anytime. Click on any photo to go to the post with that video tutorial.

Color a Fortune Cookie

Basic Coloring: 4 Fruits

Copic Coloring using a limited palette I

Copic Coloring using a limited palette II

What to do when coloring is a hot mess

Color a realistic balloon + birthday card organization

Color a realistic balloon + birthday card organization

Blending and Shading Copic Markers

Shading very pale colors

Mass production cards, 1 sketch and a 6 X 6 Paper Pad

Color a Lemon Tree

Repairing Copic problems

Introduction to Copic glazing

Dutch Bunny Portrait Card

Large Image, Easy Coloring

Coloring simple dimensional letters

Color favorite ice cream cones

Easy underwater backgrounds

Easiest Copic night sky background technique ever

Simple Copic coloring: Party on a card!

Perspective on a Beach scene: Big snail? or Little palm?

I want to see you be brave! Bold Copic Coloring

Candy Wobblers for DIY Party Favors

Shading Frosted Copic Donuts

Piecing and layering stamps with different papers

If you haven’t taken Copic Jumpstart class yet – whatcha waiting for?

Inspiration: 26+ Implied Line (No Line Coloring) Tutorials

Inspiration: 26+ Implied Line (No Line Coloring) Tutorials

The “no line” look can be done with about any medium; you just need to have an ink that will “disappear.” I love the no-line ink from Ink on Three for all three of the mediums below; sometimes I use distress or distress oxides for watercolor if I want the lines to fully wash out.

You can also try “second generation” stamping – stamp once on scrap, then again without reinking on your main paper. That should give you a tinted look to the stamp lines. Be careful that whatever ink you use, it doesn’t bleed with the medium. Test appropriately!

Posts below are collected by medium. Click on any photo to go to the post with video tutorial.

No-line Copic coloring animals (plus a little MISTI trick)

Inks for no-line coloring (several mediums)

Copic Marker

First, let’s prove I was doing no-line coloring in January of 2016 before the craze…

Shiny Metallic Robots in Copic marker

Coloring a no-line Golf Cart Card

Coloring a realistic bee – no line copic + pencil

Draw a crate for a fuzzy little pet

No-line coloring a girl: Copic on Kraft with Colored Pencil

No Line Copic Hack: Adding Graphite Pencil Accents

No-line motion with pull-tab sentiment

Forgiving and easy no-line background technique

No-line coloring on colored paper

No-Line Copic Fall Flowers

Copic Bouquets

No line copic vs watercolor

Creating teeny tiny No line works of art

The Human Rainbow: Hair + Masks

Coloring a realistic bee


No-Line watercolor flowers

No-Line Watercolor Mermaid Card

Watercolor a No Line Hedgehog Card

Colored Pencil

Customize a bird stamp

Clean and Simple No Line Valentines

Dutch Rabbit Family

How to no-line color a teeny tiny koala

Storybook No Line Coloring: woodland critters

The last camel

Choosing colors for depth – no line vs black line


15+ Copic Marker Basics Tutorials

15+ Copic Marker Basics Tutorials

These are posts with videos mostly on the product itself, maintaining it, understanding it…and a few easy techniques to get you started! I’ll be organizing collections on beginner/intermediate/advanced coloring with Copics, as well as one on using different color families – so be sure to subscribe so you get notified when that’s posted in coming months! Click on any picture to get to the blog post with video.

Copic Marker Storage Ideas

How to fix crusty, gunky, bloopy Copic nibs in 30 seconds

Neenah Solar White vs Blending Card for Copic Markers

Copic Bullet Nibs

Copic Marker Cap-Cleaning Tips

Hex Chart Video Hop (9 artists!)

Easy Copic blending with analagous colors

Copic Blending Groups

Easy Coloring with Copics (non-directional shading)

Easy Copic coloring (circumferential shading)

Why patience matters for good Copic blending

Easy Copic Coloring: Vignettes

Adding Copic Details and a Simple Vignette

Blending non-similar Copic colors

Copic Airbrush Buyers Guide

Copic Jumpstart class

If you’d like lots more basics, try the Copic Jumpstart class on my teaching site, and enjoy 10% off with coupon code START ! There are lots of videos in the free “preclass” lesson all about the Copic numbering system that you can watch prior to even signing up for class.

Inspiration: 18+ Coloring Human Rainbow Skin/Hair Tutorials

Inspiration: 18+ Coloring Human Rainbow Skin/Hair Tutorials

My campaign to promote #thehumanrainbow – encouraging crafters to color multiple hues of skintones on crafty projects – has been going on for years now – just a few of the projects are collected here.

The first posts are all in Copic – at the end are just a few in colored pencil. I clearly need to do more in pencil! Click on any picture to get to the blog post with video!

Note that while some of these videos may say the Human Rainbow free charts are here on my blog, they’ve been moved into one set now over on my teaching site HERE.

Where it all began: the first Human Rainbow video

Transforming Twirl Anya’s ethnicity

Color a Realistic Afro in Copic Markers

Coloring Girlfriends + free downloads

Color all the stamps – onesies

Alter a stamp for African boy hair

How to make cell phone greeting cards

Color your friends!

Warm and Toasty, Stamp Anniething

Friends Forever

Fairy Flutters

Copic Hex Chart

Copic Coloring Diverse Girlfriends

Custom DIY Patterned Paper + Plant Lady

Choosing colors: Fall Friends

How to experiment with the human rainbow

No-Line hair and masks

Solidarity among the human rainbow

Colored Pencil

Coloring the Human Rainbow in colored pencil

Adventure Calling