Dory? Where’s Dory? When I saw this stamp set while at an LSS recently, I thought immediately of Finding Nemo and the scene with the fish with the hanglybob on its head. I can’t WAIT for Finding Dory! Come onnnnnn June 17th!

I hadn’t used my Prismacolor pencils in quite a while, so decided to pull them out for this card. I stamped the images in a very pale yellow (Hero Arts soft vanilla dye ink)….and got going with my pencils!

Pick some bubblegum colors for whatever animal you’re coloring – whether fish, bears, or anything else – and they automatically get adorably cartoon-ized!

The friend I made this for seemed to like it just a wee bit! πŸ™‚


I haven’t talked about my Patreon creator page much – but since I revamped that page, and updated some fun new levels of patronage, I figured some of you might like to get involved over there. The new video there has a few peeks at things coming up in the next few weeks, too. Note that it’s now a straight up monthly pledge, not the weird math I had going on before – much easier to understand! πŸ™‚ Pop over for a visit!


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