I saw this die set and wanted to see them as Camp Trailer Shaped Cards– I texted it to a friend who collects all-things-campers….I told her she should make one for every season. She declined but….I couldn’t possibly let that idea go! So I made 6 for different seasons!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

A summery cloudy sky…cut out of blue cardstock, and clouds added with white ink on a cotton ball.

Spring flowers! I might have done better with patterned paper, but I made my own.

Happy Valentines day! I stamped red hearts on the pink, white hearts on the black.

A patriotic 4th of July camper – I added an extra blue stripe cut from the navy blue cardstock.

Christmas season is no reason to put the camper away. Add a wreath cut from the wheel die…and add stickles!

When you don’t have orange cardstock, airbrush orange onto yellow paper. Add your own spiderwebs!


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