For those who’ve followed along for years, you might know I’ve been championing the coloring of the full range of people — changing stamps to make them into what we want to color! In the times we’re in, I’ve had so many requests to revisit the idea – so I’m sharing some no-line coloring today.

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If you haven’t tried coloring anyone of another hue, you might want to go download the free Human Rainbow Chart Collection – you’ll get my colored versions as well as blanks you can color yourself:

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I first stamped all the people, starting with the ones in front, masking them, then adding each behind. For most I didn’t even worry about stamping the bottoms of their legs and feet since I was just going to extend them off the paper anyway. Whatever stamps you use, be aware of “head size” – if you need to you can adjust some of them to have more hair, less head. lol.

You can also stamp them and just wipe off the hair or mouth portions to be able to draw your own in without the lines to impede you. If it’s a light enough ink though, it’s not a worry. Even the little kids could have masks added on top of the color – but know that if you want white masks, that’s nearly impossible to make it look good if you don’t reserve the white space.

Don’t forget the bald-is-beautiful types too!

There are SO many individual faces and hairstyles to color – just use Google for ideas! Type in the kind of person you’re looking for – race, gender, age, even specify long hair or braids. And adding the word mask may end up giving you party store sites, so that’s only sometimes helpful, but if you’re looking for images of people in masks, look for either protests or reopening photos. Lots of both are out there. On a less complex image you can add patterns to masks.


It’s important to make your voice heard at the ballot box – no matter your perspectives, get your vote in! Lots of states have been purging voter rolls, so I make a habit of always checking 2-3 months before a local/state/federal election, then again 6-8 weeks ahead. My state has all vote-by-mail all the time (they switched to that just as I started working at home and was going to volunteer to be a poll worker! bummer), but you’ll want to check on what your state’s requirements are for voting this fall; many will have alternates to allow people to have options if the Covid pandemic causes danger for people being out in public.

There’s a SUPER easy website that takes 30 seconds to check your registration; note that you need to put in your legal name, I tried with “Sandy” and scared myself when it couldn’t find me! lol.

Go to, all you need is to click on “check your registration” and enter your name/address/phone/email – it’ll let you know!


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