way – it’s time to gather up all the little bunnies in all the mediums! Some stamps are still available on some of the older ones, others….well you might have something that’s going to substitute! The techniques are still good though.

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Dutch bunny gardeners

3 Mediums to Create Realistic Bokeh Effect (and a bunny)

Sketch and watercolor a pair of rabbits (easy!)

Dutch Bunny Portrait Card

Singin’ and Paintin’ in the rain

Vintage Easter Bunnies (watercolor pencil)

Mixing watercolors for fur

Cute cottonball critters

Realistic Rainy Watercolor

Secret to getting sharp pencil tips

Layered Slimline Card (sunset forest)

Comparing Copic Greys – Dust bunnies

Bunny Scene Easel Card

Watercolor a fuzzy bunny

How to watercolor a simple brown bunny

Color a realistic bunny

A 6 hour card! + favorite fixative

Tulips and a bunny butt

Papers for watercolor pencils

Color a “Dutch” rabbit in Prismacolor

Color AI’s Bunnies and a Floral Arbor

Simplifying a scene with stamped watercolor

Exploring drybrush (watercolor scene)