If you were here for part one – which was my review of a set of $1 brushes – you’ll know I was knee-deep, or perhaps elbow deep, in getting it all finished. And I’m delighted to report it’s finished!

Not so delighted that I was so overwhelmed with footage that I disappeared the footage for the little card paintings for today’s post – however it’s the very same loose process for the larger painting I have included. And I do show you the making of the cards! 

Tutorial: Brushstroke Floral Cards (Asian-inspired)

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Watercolor paper vs Sumi-e paper

Sumi-e is another animal entirely…not like anything I’ve ever painted on. It’s a process that needs you to just touch your brush and then let go and don’t fuss! Which is something I need to learn in painting anyway, but is more important for this very soft paper. 

The card below is on watercolor paper though – hot press. Much more the norm for me, though I generally love a textured cold press or rough paper far better! So all this is stretching me – and as mentioned earlier, I’ll do anything for mom, so that’s what I’m doing. She spent time in Japan and studied Sumi-e painting….I can’t do that right now but I can do “my” version of loose, simple flowers!

Don’t use water soluble inks

To attach the lightweight Sumi-e paper to something beefier like a cardstock or bristol, you need to wet the paper. And the Diamine ink I used in these next two just melted like buttah! Fortunately my “signature box” that blurred could be turned into more flowers, and then re-added after the mounting process had finished. WHEW! Saved.

Sumi-e after mounting

Oddly this paper seemed able to handle painting with much less bleed once it was mounted! That might get me to save detail and sharp edges for after that process is done. The one thing I don’t like? That has to wait overnight, and I’m not patient. LOL

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Watercolor works better

While watercolor does blur slightly (see the signature box below), it’s not terribly bad, and sometimes is nonexistent. Just don’t overwet or scrub over it with a brush, keep it simple.

Brushstroke Flowers Class

After several days of massive work – the cards are done! I’ve organized them and gotten some of the videos posted in class, more to come by the end of the day. Marathon, I tell ya! CLICK TO SEE THE CLASS


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  1. Jo-Anne Lloyd Tedford

    Gorgeous cards! I loved watching you paint them.

  2. Jeanne Rice

    The youtube link doesn’t seem to work. Maybe its just me.

  3. Frances Sheegog

    These cards are so beautiful!!! I love the softness of the watercolor and how you highlight it with your mat and embellishment choices. I am a card maker so not only love ALL the cards you made, but am so grateful to your mom for making the suggestion on how to paint flowers for myself (even though I have LOTS of flower stamps). Thank you for your courage in trying out sumi-e. Your artistic courage encourages me. Thank you again!!


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