Brayering watercolor? Seriously? Well I remember hearing about brayering it in some of my Yupo research ages ago. And as I was trying to use this Mineral Paper for a watercolor painting and had ruined it….why not try the brayer on this piece of paper before pitching it?


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YT.

I had picked up a cheapie brayer set and was delighted that it worked! Little moisture though – the instant water enters the picture, everything becomes a quick mess.

Stamping into the dry watercolor worked amazingly well too; I did have to fuss about how much water to use, and then ended up brayering lightly over it to make it all work together as a sublte background, then painted in extra berries and branches in between stamps.

I got 8 cards out of it – I divided my paper into 4 horizontally and 2 vertically, which you can do with any size paper to get multiples out of it. Punched out some snowmen and BOOM done!


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