I’m pleased as punch that today is The. Big. Day. My books should be in-store! The only ones I am guessing have it instantly are Hobby Lobby and Barnes and Noble…I’ll be heading out to my local stores to see. If you find them in YOUR local shops, pleeeeeeease send me pics! Even if you don’t buy it I would love to see them out there….it will make this less like a dream! Here’s a sneak peek of the book from over on my Bible Journaling channel:

NOTE: The covers, titles, and descriptions changed as time passed – not all the websites have updated photos and book titles. But what I showed in today’s video are the printed books, so that’s what you’ll get when ordering!

  1. Bigger Books :: Book | WorkBook
  2. Christian Book Distributors :: Book | WorkBook
  3. Barnes & Noble :: Book | WorkBook
  4. Books a Million :: Book | WorkBook
  5. Amazon :: Book | WorkBook
  6. Powells :: Book | (WorkBook not yet there)
  7. Indiebound :: Book | Book
  8. ThriftBooks :: Book | WorkBook