Sandy Allnock Black Capped Chickadees

Today – by popular demand – my black-capped chickadee watercolor painting is 1) on YouTube, and 2) on Society6 – which means it’s available for prints and more! Read on below for details.

Some of you were able to catch the live Periscope broadcast last week….for those who didn’t make it – you get to see the speed version today! I’m no longer going to leave the Thursday “Open Studios” on replay; the idea is to show people what it really takes to create a work of art, and the ability to speed it up and scrub through on YouTube and now on Periscope – that pretty well defeats the purpose! So if you’re around on Thursdays, feel free to pop in from time to time throughout the day (starting 8am Pacific time) and check in on progress. This time I filmed, but will not be filming them all for reposting on YouTube. (And this one was filmed on my “big” camera, this is not the low-end footage that is saved by Periscope.) Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

The painting was created on Arches hot press watercolor paper, using PhMartin Hydrus watercolors, and Silver brushes.


Are you ready for idea #2 for holiday gift-giving? Give the gift of art! I’ve purchased items from several artists at S6 – so bop around on the site and find something that’s perfect for the person on your list!

After buying a few items from Society6, I decided to give it a go myself. (I have ordered some of my own pieces, and am awaiting their arrival; if you’d like to wait so I can tell you what the quality is like on *my* art, I’ll give you an update when that happens.) I’ve posted a number of my pieces on my Society6 page; some are available as prints only, others lend themselves to iphone cases, pillows, or mugs. Note that they put some on duvet covers and shower curtains which is….well, weird! I didn’t seem to have a choice, once I picked the items I did want, they just added the others.

I receive a few dollars per item purchased at Society6, so it’s one way you can support the work I do! And I thank you for it! Here’s a little sampling of the kinds of things you can find there….click HERE to visit the store!

Sandy Allnock Society 6 launch


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