I’m so tired of being sick! The image below is pretty much what I look like right now (except she looks so cute still while sick!)…..I can’t stop my nose from running!


It’s not Covid and that’s the one thing I’m thankful for, but man. It’s brutal! I get tired SO easily….I got up feeling better on Sunday and got dressed for church, but had to leave early or I knew I wouldn’t last long enough to pick up meds at the store on the way home. Yeesh! 

I did lay on the sofa for most of the week though, the dogs were very sweet and comforting. In between naps I used some of the time to work on something I’d wanted to get to for ages: replicating the Tiny Tutorials class at art-classes.com!

Tutorial: Bite-sized art instruction: tiny tutorials

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Tiny Tutorials class

This course was originally just on Artventure – as a way to fundraise for the platform. If you purchased it that way you’re welcome to continue! But Artventure is not as yet paying its way, so just in case we can’t keep it going, the Tiny Tutorials class is now on Art-classes.com as well. Which makes it accessible for all those who want this kind of teaching but don’t want to have to join another platform to get it!

In both locations I’ll keep uploading new TTs as I come up with them! Content will continue to grow.

The differences between the two locations:

  1. On the app: a $3.99 annual subscription, a bit less video but all the tiny tutorials. Titles of each tutorial are listed but not the visuals. When new TTs are uploaded you get a notification in the app. 
  2. On the website: a one-time purchase (it’s on sale right now) with lifetime access. Scroll through the pages and you’ll see the cover image for each, which is easier to know which ones you’ve seen before. When new TTs are uploaded you won’t get any notification, so you’ll need to remember to pop in once in a while.


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Got questions?

If you’ve had one of those questions that just sounds like it’s too dumb to raise, IT IS NOT. Some of the tiny tutorials that have been the MOST POPULAR have been explaining a ‘”d’oh” idea! Just last week I posted about the “belt” around a pencil extender and a ton of people said they had no idea it was even there.

LMK if you have ideas for those very basic things – or bigger things. I might do a full YT video, it might even lead to a class – but might be perfect for another tiny tutorial too!


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  1. Patty Nichols

    Do you take request tutorials? I need help on the Aall & Create Flippin Pancakes stamp

    • Sandy Allnock

      I don’t have that stamp but maybe I could do something about making shiny syrup that would help ❤️

  2. Gab

    This looks amazing Sandy!
    I really hope you feel better soon

  3. Cris Walton

    Praying for healing!!


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