This week is a rather “tweet” collection – all birds! Some cutesie, some realistic, some transformed! Lots of mediums here too – pick one and go try it with some bird stamps you have!

Click on any photo to see the blog post with tutorial.

Inks for no line coloring (3 mediums)

Watercoloring in yellow only?

Wintry birds in round shaker tags

Customize a bird stamp I

Customize a bird stamp II

Analagous coloring – Prismacolor pencil

Crazy birds craft together

Bird Crazy Comic Strip

Distress inks or Copic?

How to Color Peacocks, Flamingos, Hummingbirds

Easy colored pencil shading

Coloring an owl in a beanie

Don’t sweat the small stuff

24 Tags of Christmas 2015: Zentangle Birds

Coloring Housemouse Critters – Copic, Airbrush, and Pencil

Bird feeder shaker card