Thanks so much to all who spent the day with me on Periscope. I know it’s a lot of scopes, but as you saw, I was trying to split them into shorter scopes on specific booths – so I’d recommend watching just the brands you like best. Don’t give in to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out!) There are a gaJILLion scopes going on and you can’t get to them all…and don’t worry, you KNOW eventually your favorite crafters will share everything anyway. You honestly aren’t missing out. 🙂

Bible Journalling Class

I had a blast in the Bible Journalling class I took with Shanna Noel from Illustrated Faith Saturday night. And those who came along with enjoyed it too, I think! There are 2 videos to see – Part 1 and Part 2. In Part 2, students were invited to share their page, and a little about how they got into Bible journalling or experiences they had, etc. And there was one gal there who talked about her own unsure perspective, and how the little devotional we received had an impact on her. I had won one of the last 2 prize Bibles – and after hearing her speak, I went over after class and gave her that Bible. I didn’t know til afterward that she had leaned over to tell her Mom she wanted to start reading it more … Yep. That whole thing, that whole class, might have been just to bless that young lady. Big puffyheartlove moment!

If you don’t have time to watch the scope – or if it’s gone before you do – quick notes here on what’s used: Pebeo paints, which do not go through the paper (similar to the PhMartin Hydrus which also do not go through.) The Pebeo was put on thin enough (with a credit card) that the Scripture is still readable – that’s a big deal in my world. The letter stickers and washi tape are by Illustrated Faith, which is now being carried by Bella Blvd…and I think it just gives so much more credibility to the Bible Journalling movement! I’ve added white signo pen to the “speak” and black sketched in shadows under the lighter text.

Sandy Allnock Bible Journalling2

I’m seeing a surprising number of faith-based products showing up….if you’re interested in items like that, tell your LSS owner to look for them! After CHA I’ll see about doing a wrapup and give you a list of all the Bible journalling things I saw.

Favorite so far

Folks have been asking my favorite things so far. Which is so hard to pick, dontcha know!! I definitely like a lot of what I saw, and you heard me drooling in some of the scopes. While I never create pieces like I saw some of the booths, (like Graphic 45) I still just LOVE seeing what they create! I visited more booths than what I scoped, as well – met up with the peeps at the MISTI booth, visited with Hero Arts and that’s always a treat, and so many more.

I got to meet some fantastic folks, some of whom are very related to my work and I’m excited to connect with after we all get home; and some who don’t do anything near to what I do –  including a Danish distributor who says there ARE craft stores across Europe….so I’m calling shenanigans on those who tell me you can’t get stuff! lol! Email me your location and I’ll ask her where your closest stores are. 🙂  (And Charlie, her name is ALSO Charlie, are you all named Charlie over there in Denmark?!!?)

In sharing my FAVE of the day, I’m gonna disappoint some of you – because you’re probably waiting for me to say there’s a product I adore. I’ve seen some interesting things, nothing that has been mindblowing as yet. Lots yet to see! But today’s highlight….

Little B.

They’re known by most of you as washi tape, detailed embellishment stickers, and/or punches. But what really made them my “best of” for the day? Two things. 1) Damian Gonzales recreating Starry Night in washi tape, which is by far the most creative use of washi tape I have ever ever ever seen, and 2) the most magical little world full of teeny wooden toys I’ve ever seen! I’ve always had a love of toys – I even have a collection of books about collector toys, so yes I’m weird – and it just made me SO happy. Gonna go back and just watch the display again this week. See the replay HERE. I [bigpuffyheart love] the little monkeys riding around!

And by the wayI will get to the distress crayons. Honestly. Crowds are too big and I’m letting retailers be the ones to gather around Tim. You can stop asking repeatedly in my scopes. Thanks. 🙂

PS There may not be a vlog summary of CHA this year – with all the scopes, it feels like a sum up might be redundant? Dunno? I’m anxious to get busy creating rather than looking back at what I saw – my little phone list is FULL of ideas I want to go home and work on!