I’ve had so many requests to use these stamp sets – and I finally had time to get to it, yeah! Puppy naps are an awesome thing.

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The Art Impressions watercolor series of stamps are one of my favorite creations by stamp companies. While I pass on many of my other stamps as gifts during my monthly “Student Appreciation Week” celebrations – when I send unexpected gifts to randomly selected students in my classes – I never send these on! They all work together so well and can make beautiful scenes when combined together. These two new mini sets are no exception – but the best part of them? The trees! There haven’t been amazing trees in the collection til now, but these —wowzas!


I do love that these sets come with their own trees; you can add a lot more stamp sets — or just stick with these sets.


Be sure to check out the other videos linked at the end of today’s video to see some of the other watercolor stamps in action, especially the ‘basics’ video (that one specifically is HERE) to see the sets of flora and grasses that really help to flesh out scenes with the other stamps.

While the topic today is watercolor cards – remember that you can also take a larger piece of paper to create a scene, then frame it to hang in your home! These fall scenes would also be lovely for a gift for whoever is hosting you for Thanksgiving….and they’ll be beyond impressed. 🙂


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