Happy Mother’s Day weekend! I’m especially happy about this Mother’s Day that my mama is still here….after being scared we would lose her, she’s still kicking butt and taking names! So today I’m leaning in with some of her advice…..keep watercoloring, and go deeper with animals and portraits. And you get to be the beneficiary of my homework!

Tutorial: As per Mom’s advice: ART AND CATS!

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Inktober revisited!

These kitties were drawn in October 2023 originally – larger. Comments at the time asked that I put them out as printables so people could color them and put them on their projects! Sorry it took me so long 🙂


Who Me Kitty

This first kitty is one who’s looking up for any number of reasons….innocently denying knocking the plant off the counter? Smelling chimken? Needing scritches?

To color this kitty with any medium, keep the color to the interior of the black line areas….and keep it light. Don’t worry about the lost edges around the outside of the cat; the human eye will fill it in!

Angel Kitty

The angel kitten could be staring out at the rainbow bridge on a sympathy card, or looking at mama and the canopener and hoping for something tasty!

I recommend going even lighter with the color on this kitten; pick a nice strong color for the eye since that’s what people will be drawn into!

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Portrait work

I’m not real far into the class but I feel like I’m seeing some improvements. My people are starting to look more recognizable as the person in the reference photo, and that’s a big part of what I want to achieve! 

Dog painting

I have two good art friends who gave me conflicting advice on this painting. And In some ways both are right! On the left is version 1….its closer to the very bluish reference photo, which was what I was going for; I should have just done some thumbnails first but I don’t always take my own advice! I would have seen I’d need to change some values to make the painting work better.

On the right, one friend said I overcompensated from the blue version; she liked the strong color and called it dramatic. The other friend, though, said in the first one I fell into her trap with black dogs – too. much. blue. She said she used to use prussian (she’s an oil painter) and had to just put the tube away so she wouldn’t be tempted! I hadn’t used prussian, but I had tried glazing with French Ultramarine, and just went too far.

So my questions…..does the dog’s face highlights need a little darkening with a slight glaze? Just the top of the yead, I like the more neutral colors down in the darker ares. And how about the background? Try a dark glaze? I’m more afraid of that, I could totally ruin it with kissed edges around the dog’s head. Maybe, though, it’s just done as is. Sign it and put it in the shop. What do you think?


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