ARtventure app

A little announcement….the app is going to go away! The platform was awful and the company unresponsive to their responsibilities. So….in December 2022 the app will disappear once I don’t renew.

HOWEVER…..there’s a far better option. Click here to go see! *if you purchased the Tiny Tutorials class, you’ll be contacted to move that purchase to the new location. Have patience, waiting on Apple 🙂 Both classes are hosted in the new location!

ARTVENTURE is a free class that helps you think about your history as an artist – what inspired you to begin? What dreams did you have that have slipped through your fingers? How can you get back to them? There’s a video in each lesson and assignments to follow along! 

After you download the app, set up a login and register for the class, even though it’s free. It’s NOT the same as your login.

TINY TUTORIALS class: all my pictorial tutorials that have been shared on social media are now gathered into this “class”! It’s only $3 a year, which helps defray the expense of the app. The tutorials are categorized into groups so they’re easy to find – and they’ll be in your pocket for quick reference! Plus there’s a 7 day free trial.