The craze is on….and I’m on board! To help me color better, I’ve got a free download later in this post to help your Zig Clean Color Pens become a little easier to work with…so read on!

You just might have noticed that adults are getting out more of their own crayons, markers, and pencils than ever before. It’s become a “thing!” We in craftyland have always known about the therapeutic effects that relaxing with markers can have. It’s about time it caught on, right? Today I have some amazing coloring books that are from the Netherlands, thus the alternate spelling of colouring. I’ve been wanting to get these out in front of you guys, because I *know* how much you’re going to love them.


Watch below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Updates since shooting this video

I did try Copic on one page of these books. While it works, the blending is tough; it feels a little more like using a Tombow or Distress marker, it doesn’t naturally want to blend. I recommend the Zig Clean Color pens, or any watercolor; just don’t flood the page with a ton of water or you might get buckling. But small amounts of watercolor work great and the paper doesn’t warp from that. 🙂 The shapes in these books are small, though, so large floods of water aren’t an issue unless you try to do backgrounds.

Zig Clean Color Pen Labels: Free download!

While the markers are growing on me – their labelling is not. It’s making me a little crazy to try to squint at the tiny print, or to flip the marker around to figure out where the number is actually written. After all this time I finally sat down and made a template!

Simply download it and print onto 3M’s 3700-R labels, or Avery’s 5195 labels….or whatever equivalent your local office supply store has…you just need 2 sheets, so go in with a friend and split the cost. (I got mine at my local Office Depot. Just look on the package for the Avery/3M numbers). Then just download the PDF HERE and print away! See the video above for how I did my color swatch on the labels.

ZigCleanColorLabels @2015 SandyAllnock-1


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